Future proofing the water sector

A Red Teaming Experience
November 10. 
12:00 - 5:00 pm

‘Unexpected events often audit our resilience. Everything that was left unattended becomes a complex problem and every weakness comes rushing to the forefront.’
Weick and Sutcliffe (2007)

About the Workshop

Collaborative mitigation, adaptation and resilience planning is required to “future-proof” the water sector against the many significant challenges and risks over the coming decades. This Workshop will examine vulnerabilities that must be addressed by collaborative planning on a local, regional, national and global scale pertaining to black swan events and overall water sector security.

Recognizing the potential for existing failures of imagination, the Workshop will be interactive and highly participative. It will use red teams and blue teams to better explore the complex risk landscape pertaining to water sector security. Together, teams will co-create solutions for resilience and sustainability.

Learning Outcomes for Participants:

  • Knowledge and skills to employ red teaming strategies;

  • Ability to effectively explore the complex threat and hazard landscape to identify potential black swan events and their effects on the water sector; and

  • Strategies to design resilience into the participant’s area of the water sector.

Those attending the workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion of Red Teaming Strategies.

How to Register

Add the Workshop on as an add on to any Conference registration option.  Attendance will be limited, so be sure to secure the Workshop pass when you register.


Workshop Facilitator


Anthony J Masys PhD, CD

Defence Scientist, Centre for Security Science, DRDC

Affiliate Associate Professor

Former Director of Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance and

Homeland Security

College of Public Health

University of South Florida



Dr Anthony Masys is a senior defence scientist with the Centre for Security Science, Defence R&D Canada, an Affiliate Associate Professor and former Director of Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance and Homeland Security at the University of South Florida. Dr Masys has conducted red teaming workshops across 5 continents working with various stakeholders to better understand black swan events and design resilience strategies. 

Dr Masys has a BSc in Physics and MSc in Underwater Acoustics and Oceanography from the Royal Military College of Canada and a PhD from the University of Leicester. He is Editor-in-Chief of Springer Series: 'Advanced Sciences and Technologi​es for Security Applications'. He has published extensively in the domains of physics and the social sciences.